Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Hangang sa muli, Macalañang!

Last work day of the year, last day in Malacañang, my last day in APEC NOC, and also my last day in civil service (for now).

Thank you APEC NOC, and to the people behind APEC NOC, it was a bliss working with you all ❤️ 

Salamat ODG, CMS, Security, Substantives, Hotels Team, AELM Team, AFP personnels, LGUs - CDC, Tagaytay, Bacolod, Boracay, Bataan, Iloilo, Cebu, and most especially, heartfelt thanks to all LOs from various agencies and LGUs we have worked with. Mahal po namin kayo.

Maraming Salamat, Macalañang! Hangang sa muli.

See you soon, Ops family

Since this is our last day, please allow me to post a long, and cheesy farewell for my Ops family.

Here's to the sleepless nights, here's to looong deployments and spending holidays at work, here's to the birthdays, anniversaries, and special occasions we've missed - here's to missing important family days to fulfill our duty to the country, here's to the red flags, here's to the crazy shift schedules, here's to resolving unreasonable requests, here's to the uncertainties and the fears that we've conquered, here's to the issues and conflicts we have resolved together, here's to the epic work trips around the country, here's to strangers that eventually became family.

I came in, not sure of what I'll get out of it, and here I am now, sad that it finally ended. I really thought that I was applying for a post in DFA when I took the tests and panel interview last year, so I was really surprised when I received an email asking me to report to Malacañang. Looking back, I am glad that fate brought me here and that I went through this amazing journey. It was worth it, and I am so glad that I have spent it with one of the craziest yet lovable bunch of people I have ever met and worked with. You guys are truly the epitome of work hard, play hard(er). Thank you for teaching me that it is okay to let my hair down every once in a while, and to have fun while working. 

So here's to the Airport Team, the Registration Team, the Transportation Team, the Logistics Team, Admin and Finance, the Local Government Unit Coordination Team, the Tactical Operations Center, here's to my beloved Protocol and Liaison Services Team. 

Here's to the tireless and amazing men and women behind the Office of the Deputy Director General that never sleeps, here's to my beloved Operations Team

#OpsLoudandProud #NoGoodbyes