Saturday, April 25, 2015

He asked, and I said YES!

After 6 and a half years of pure bliss and crazy memories, he finally asked... And of course, I said YES ❤

Our friends, Kit and Teng just started their own photography business - Studio629 and they asked us to join them in one of their photo-shoots for their portfolio.

So I asked Jess if he's okay with the idea, and I even teased him about buying me a fake engagement ring to make the photo-shoot more believable ;) (that's me subtly dropping hints that I would like for him to propose already because, hello, 6 years!). He reluctantly obliged and we bought a cheap ring from Silverworks for the photo-shoot.

After a few e-meetings and re-schedules, we all agreed on the date: April 25.

So we woke up early, met-up with Kit and Teng, and headed to Tagaytay. I did my own make-up and didn't bother dressing up (sabi nga ni Kit: "Casual lang, yung hindi masyado mukang mag-pho-photo-shoot"). So we arrived in Caleruega, and Kit and Teng started taking our photos, the usual poses - looking at each other, walking side by side, everything was just photo-shoot normal. Little did I know that he will be proposing and that "fake" engagement shoot will turn into a "real" one.

Half an hour later we went up to the then newly built open chapel on top of a hill, and continued with the photo-shoot, Kit and Teng continued giving us instructions like "hold hands", "look at each other", "smile", and then Jess looked at me in the eye, and he told me that we will soon go back here, I was like, of course we will, because Caleruega is one of my favorite places in the world. He then reminded me that it was our 3rd time going here together, I said okay (I was already confused as to why he was saying that).

 And then he knelt. He took out a small box from his pocket, opened it, and there it was, the ring! It was classic, just the way I like it - reverse tapered band, round diamond cut, four prongs - it was perfect!
I remember asking him, "Totoo ba to?" because I thought it was still part of the fake engagement photo-shoot. He smiled and said yes...and as cheesy as it may sound, the world went completely slow-mo. I started crying and nodding my head, I went blank. All I know is that he was there kneeling, and I can't even comprehend a word he was saying! I just continued crying and nodding. All I know is that that was the most important moment of my life... We were happy and I can't thank the Lord enough for the man kneeling in front of me and the love and the life that we have been sharing for last 6 years.

To tell you honestly, I still can't remember everything he said on that day. I just remember him asking me, "Will you be my wife?" and me saying yes repeatedly. And as blurry as it may seem, it was beyond perfect for me.

On to the next chapter! ❤

Photos were taken by our amazing friends from Studio629.
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